on Life

A plan designed with Return on Life (ROL) as its foundation is designed to answer THREE BIG QUESTIONS:

  1. How did I arrive at my perspectives on money?
  2. Am I managing my money in a way that is improving my life?
  3. Am I financially prepared for life’s big transitions?


Most in the financial services industry focus almost exclusively on return on investment- how much do you have and how much did it earn?  At Stonegate Wealth Management, we attend to the Return on Investment (ROI) concern, however our first focus is on a more important matter, RETURN ON LIFE (ROL) which asks, “are you getting the best life possible with the money you have?” Our goal is to help you make wise decisions in ALL money matters and to see the benefits of those decisions in your life.

With ROL, you do not give up the best of life or the best parts of yourself just to get money.  The money is there to serve you, not vice versa.  Instead of focusing on someone else’s definition of success, you will write your own.  ROL puts quality before quantity by managing your assets in a way that improves your life and provides peace of mind and confidence.


This profile helps us to understand you and your situation in two ways. One, we want to know your philosophy on eight key money matters and how your arrived at those perspectives. Secondly, we want to know where you are comfortable and where you’re not comfortable in your financial situation.

We have found that each person has their own perspective on 8 key aspects of money. During this conversation, we will answer the question: “What are your perspectives on money and how did you arrive at them?”
It is important that we understand and appreciate how you think about money including how you got to where you currently are. Just as you cannot expect your doctor to diagnose what is wrong with you without knowing your complete medical history, it is difficult for us to develop a comprehensive plan without knowing your Fiscalosophy.
How you think about money is just as important as how you manage it.

ROL Index

This profile is a self-reflective exercise that helps you to see how 10 different aspects of your life are impacted by the financial decisions you make. Our goal is to help you ‘get the best life possible with the money you have.” The results of this profile will help us understand where to focus first.

The ROL Index helps you to answer the question: “Are you managing your money in a way that improves your life?” Believe it or not, not everyone does – in fact many people do not.

The ROL Index asks you to assess 10 aspects of your life that relate to whether you are making progress. We identify areas where you can use your money more effectively to make things better. And, importantly, celebrate the areas where you have made progress.

Financial Lifeline

An especially important aspect that is often overlooked in the planning process is the impact of big transitions in your life on your financial well-being. Every passage of life has an effect on our finances, and we want to be proactive, prepare ahead of the transitions, so that we don t have financial issues when the life change arrives. We believe it is better to prepare than to repair.

We will create a customized Financial Lifeline for you that will specify exactly when to begin addressing these important transitions. This will help us to create a wealth plan that builds wealth and protects it against future dangers.

Only after we have considered your Return on Life will we begin to crunch numbers and run scenarios to make your plan work.

If you like our approach, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and start your best Return on Your Life!